Enroll at Patriot Learning Center

Patriot Learning Center is a choice enrollment school. Students are chosen through the combined input of parents, the referring school, and the teachers and administration at Patriot Learning Center. They are admitted on a needs and numbers basis, with the final decision coming from Patriot Learning Center.

Patriot Learning Center's programs are designed to help students be successful in social settings. Educators concentrate on affective needs to help ensure improvements in student behavior. During their school experience, if students do not take advantage of the center's unique opportunities, they will be sent back to their home schools, and other students will be admitted.
In the high school setting, all students are required to pass the GENESIS program or they will not be admitted into the school.

Get Enrolled in District 49

Central Enrollment Office Assistance
The District will be closed Monday, January 16th, 2017 
We're open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
We are now accepting enrollment applications for the 2017-2018 school year (school year beginning August 2017)
When completing the application, please choose 2017-18 if you are enrolling your children for school beginning in August 2017.  
If you are enrolling your children for the remainder of the current school year, you will choose 2016-17
Our enrollment team will assist in getting your child registered in District 49. We're located at 3850 Pony Tracks Drive in Colorado Springs. Our office phone number is 719.494.8911. You may call with any questions, or use our live chat feature.

Tip: To expedite the enrollment process, ensure you have all required documents listed on this page. An enrollment cannot be processed without these documents. It is each parent or guardian's responsibility to upload these documents. If you do not have the birth certificate or immunization records, please contact the previous school or pediatrician and request to have them sent directly to you. The enrollment office does not request school records or accept faxes from previous schools.
Transcripts: Once enrolled in District 49, school-level registrars request records, such as transcripts, grades and attendance. For new students enrolling in high school, parents or guardians should request transcripts from the previous school and take them to the new school as soon as an application is complete. This helps high school counselors quickly review credits and compile a schedule, which includes an official start date.
How will I know when my application has been processed?: When your application has been processed, you will receive an email from D49Dailer with information regarding your next steps. After application submission, frequently check your email, junk and spam folders for this email.
Will I be informed if my application is incomplete or needs additional information?: Yes. If for some reason, there are any documents or other information missing from your application, you will be sent a ticket from our LiveChat system that will include your application number in the title and will list out what is needed to allow further review and processing.
Do I need to wait to enroll until my child has their yearly physical and receives updated immunizations?  No.  If you have immunization records - even if they will change with an upcoming physical - you may enroll.  Once your child has had their yearly physical and received updated immunizations, simply take the most current immunization report directly to the school for updating. 
I've heard that there is a waiting list - can I "enroll" my child early to get on this list? Contrary to what you may have heard, there are no waiting lists for coordinated (non-charter) District 49 schools.  With the exception of the Preschool Department which keeps a waiting list for the current school year only, all other grades have no waiting lists.  When you submit your enrollment application, your child will be enrolled in their neighborhood school (unless you have an acceptance letter from a different District 49 school such as Patriot High School, Pikes Peak Early College, Springs Studio for Academic Excellence, Falcon Home School Program, Imagine Classical Academy or Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning).  If, by the time you enroll, the neighborhood school is full for a particular grade(s), the school will discuss this with you and explain where your child will be enrolled at due to the overflow.
Please know that there may be waiting lists at District 49 charter schools which consist of Imagine Classical Academy, Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning, Rocky Mountain Classical Academy, Banning Lewis Ranch Academy, Power Technical Early College.  Please contact these schools directly for information regarding waiting lists and how to get on the list. 
I enrolled my child - when will I receive Parent Portal access?  Our Student Information Systems Specialist sends out the Parent Portal invitation email periodically.  This email will come from D49Dailer and will have a one time use link on it.  If you click on the link but do not finish the account creation, the link will not work again.  When you receive this email, and are ready to click on the link, please ensure that you are not using Internet Explorer or Edge as these browsers are incompatible with the Parent Portal system.  Instead, please always use, Firefox, Chrome or Safari.  
If you did not receive the email or have clicked on the link and it is no longer usable, please visit the D49 website, go to the Community Support tab and then to Parent and Student Portal.  From there you may either send us a message by clicking on the red Leave Message button or start a chat with us if you see the green Chat Now button.  In the message, please identify yourself by the name used when enrolling your student(s), the student(s) name(s) and date(s) of birth to help expedite the look-up process.
I already have other children in the District, do I still need to provide proof of residency?  Yes.  Proof of residency must be current (dated within the last 60 days) and cannot be anything with late or disconnect notices.
Can I upload multiple files in each field? No.  Each upload field will accept one document only.  If another document is uploaded, it will overwrite (erase) the previous document uploaded.  If you have a multiple page proof of residency (housing contract or lease/rental agreement) or multiple page immunization record, you will need access to a scanner that will scan multiple pages into one file or a phone app that will allow multiple pictures to be combined into one file.
Can I apply using my phone?  Possibly.  The application process may be done via your phone as long as your phone's browser is not Internet Explorer or Edge. Please keep in mind the file upload requirements.  If you are taking photos with your phone of your documents and if you need to upload multiple documents into one file (such as a notarized letter and utility bill if residing with another family), you will need to have a phone app installed that will allow multiple photos to be combined into one file. 

If you are enrolling a new student in District 49, or transferring a student from Banning Lewis Ranch Academy, Rocky Mountain Classical Academy or Power Technical Early College to another District 49 school, complete each enrollment step outlined below. Existing District 49 students, including those in the district's other charter schools, are not required to re-enroll for the following school year.
If your child is transferring from one District 49 school to another, please contact both the former and new schools about the new enrollment.  A new application is not required as this is a transfer rather than a new enrollment.

How Do I Enroll My Child in Preschool?

District 49 preschool programs are available to children age 3 to 5 residing within District 49 boundaries. Our preschool classrooms are inclusive and welcome students of all skill levels, including children with special education needs. Preschoolers are placed in their neighborhood school as space permits. To indicate interest in the District 49 preschool program, visit the preschool application page.

Already received a 2016-2017 school year acceptance letter? Please scroll down to the "I'm Ready to Enroll, Now What?" section.

When Should My Child Start Kindergarten?

Children in Sand Creek Zone (Springs Ranch Elementary School, Evans International Elementary School, Remington Elementary School) must turn 5 years old on or before Aug. 15 to enroll in kindergarten. Children in all other elementary schools who turn 5 years old on or before Sept. 15 can be enrolled into kindergarten.
If your child does not meet these deadlines, you may choose to speak directly with the principal at the school if you are inquiring about the possibility of your child being accepted.  Please know the district's central enrollment team does not have the authority to override these deadlines.

Which School Will My Child Attend?

To assist you in finding your child's school visit our district map, and then input your student's home address. If you'd like to enroll in a school outside your neighborhood system, check our school of choice page, and learn more about that process. Bus stop information will be provided to you via your Parent Portal account.

What About School of Choice? 

We keep the school of choice window open year-round. If you prefer to enroll a student outside your designated neighborhood school, complete a school of choice application, in addition to the online enrollment application. Visit the school of choice page for more information.
The enrollment application must be done first. Once your enrollment application has been processed, you will then be ready to take the school of choice form to the school or schools you are wishing to choice your student into. Questions about when a decision may be made or how the decision of acceptance (or declination) will be communicated must be directed to the school.

I'm Ready to Enroll. Now What? 

The entire enrollment process will take approximately 20-30 minutes. Having all required documents scanned and ready for upload will expedite your enrollment experience. If you do not have a scanner, or are having difficulties with it, feel welcome to stop by our offices Monday-Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. We're happy to assist you.

The application must be completed either entirely at home or in our offices. If you anticipate having any issues completing an application at home, please bring all documents with you, and we will assist you in completing the application and uploading the documents here in our offices.
If your student previously attended District 49 schools, left and is now re-enrolling, a new enrollment application - with all required documents - will be required.
Our 30-day Requirement: Unsubmitted applications are held in our system for 30 days, after which time they are deleted. This also applies to applications submitted and returned to you for incomplete or unacceptable documents, if not corrected, resubmitted and processed prior to the 30-day deadline. Please review the application requirements below carefully to ensure that your application has all required documents prior to submitting. The date that you receive the email with the application link starts the 30-day time clock.

The documents listed below must be scanned and ready for upload. When all documents have been gathered, please begin here:
 Start Online Enrollment Application
Internet Explorer or Edge (Windows 10) will not work for online enrollment. To ensure a smooth process, please use Firefox, Chrome or Safari. The most supported browser is Firefox.

Document 1

  • Birth certificate: The person enrolling the student must be listed on the birth certificate, unless there are formal court guardianship or notarized power of attorney papers giving guardianship to the person applying for admissions.
    • Hospital-issued birth notices are not acceptable
    • If you do not have your child's birth certificate please request it from their previous school to be sent directly to you
    • If your child has never attended school before and you do not have the birth certificate, you may order a birth certificate and use the order receipt as the birth certificate until the birth certificate arrives.  Once it has arrived, you will take it directly to the school for review and upload.

Document 2

  • Immunization records (If form is two-sided, front and back showing immunizations and student's name and date of birth): Check Colorado's immunization requirements.
  • If you do not have your child's immunization records please either contact their previous school and request that they be sent directly to you or contact your child's pediatrician and request that they be sent directly to you.

Documents 3 and 4

This requirement is comprised of parent or guardian identification, and one of the accepted forms of proof of residency - if you have formal guardianship or notarized power of attorney documents, please scan the documents and ID and upload together.
Proof of residency: All documents provided must be current and dated within the preceding 60 days of enrollment. Documents must include the mailing address, service address (if utility bill or mortgage statement) date and names. This is required even if you have other students enrolled and attending District 49 schools.
  • Accepted forms of proof of residency
    (one of the following)
    • Utility bill (discontinuance and late notices not accepted), cable, trash, residential propane, land line phone, internet - dated within the preceding 60 days of enrollment.  
      • If you have recently applied for service but have not yet received a utility bill, please work with the utility company to provide you a letter which includes your name(s), the property address, a statement that verifies that you have an active account with them, the representative's name and phone #
      • If you do not have any utility bills or other acceptable proof of residency documents in your name, please see the "Living With Another Family?" section below for further options
    • Rental or lease agreement which includes names of property owners/management company, renters/lessees, beginning date of the rental or lease, address and signature page (both tenants and property owners or management company must have signed off) - dated within the preceding 60 days of enrollment
    • Home purchase contract which includes buyer and seller names, address, closing date and signature pages - closing date must be within 60 days of enrollment
      • If the purchase contract has been countered, in addition to the original contract items listed, we will need the 1st page of the counter, the page showing any changes to the closing dates and the final signature pages from both the buyers and sellers.  All pages must be scanned together as one document
      • If you are building a house and do not have a typical purchase contract, you will need a letter on the builder's letterhead that includes your name(s), the address of the house being built, the closing date and the representative's name and phone #
    • Mortgage statement which includes current date - within the preceding 60 days of enrollment - names, mailing address and service address
    • Living with another family?
      • Notarized letter from owner indicating names of individuals residing with family, along with owners current utility bill, mortgage statement, rental or lease agreement (see listing above - dated within the preceding 60 days of enrollment)
    • Examples of proof of residency documents that are not accepted:
      • Cell phone bill
      • Utility bill marked with "Discontinuance Notice" or "Notice to Disconnect" or anything that states that the utility is late and/or the services will be discontinued
      • Bank statement, checks, non-mortgage loan statements
      • Driver's license
      • Car registration
      • Junk mail to address
      • Credit card bills
      • Jury summons
      • Rewards statements
      • Pay stubs
      • United States Postal Service change of address confirmation
    • Parent or guardian with photo ID: If parents are legally separated or divorced, each parent has equal rights to the custody of their children unless a court order specifically indicates one custodial parent. If the student you're enrolling is not your legal child, you must provide appropriate guardianship or notarized power of attorney documents that give you the rights to complete an enrollment or otherwise make educational decisions.

    Document 5 (Optional)

    • Acceptance letter: Only required if applying for admission into: 
      • Preschool program
      • Springs Studio for Academic Excellence
      • Imagine Classical Academy
      • Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning
      • Falcon Homeschool Program 
      • Patriot High School
    Learn more about our schools by visiting their buildings or websites. They're listed in our school directory.

    How Long Do I Have to Finish My Application?

    All enrollment applications expire and are deleted after 30 days from the date that you received the original email with the application link, if they have not been submitted and completely processed. Applications are automatically removed from the system; you will have to reapply. Please make sure you have all required documents uploaded to your application, and you submit your application.

    What Happens if Guardianship Changes?

    For the safety and security of all students, if your children previously attended District 49 schools and you are now re-enrolling them, and there has been a change in legal status (e.g. divorce, custody, guardianship or restraining order documents), please upload the respective forms as one document with your proof of residency. If the forms do not apply to all children in your family, please upload with the birth certificate of the child for whom they do apply. If applying in person at the central enrollment office, please bring these documents with you.


    Adobe download
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    Student Media Release

    • Media Release

      by District 49
      District 49 often takes photos and videos and invites members of the media into its schools to tell the story of our mission to prepare every child for success. We appreciate your cooperation and consent in allowing us to capture imagery of your student for our use in various mediums. This includes, but not limited to, external media outlets such as television and newspaper, as well as internal media producers who update the district’s website, participatory media platforms, advertisements, promotional materials and other online and offline publications.
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    • Media Release, Español

      by District 49

      El Distrito Escolar 49 a menudo toma fotografías e invita a los medios de comunicación a las escuelas del distrito para que relaten la historia de nuestra misión de preparar a todo niño para el éxito. Apreciamos su colaboración y consentimiento al permitir que capturemos imágenes de sus niños para nuestro uso en varios medios. Esto incluye, entre otros, medios de comunicación externos tales como televisión y periódicos, así como productores de medios internos que actualizan el sitio web del distrito, plataformas de medios participativos, publicidad, materiales de promoción y otras publicaciones en Internet y demás.

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