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  • Principals to Parents

    I hope your Break was wonderful! Here at RES, we are excited to begin our new semester in the New Year! Teachers will be in Professional Development and Team Planning all day Tuesday, January 3rd. We welcome all our students on Wednesday, January 4th. Friday, January 5th, will be our “Kickoff Assembly for All Remington Reads!” We are excited about this Program! Each student and staff member will receive a copy of this book. Our book is titled, “The World According to Humphrey’” by Betty G. Birney. More exciting news and details will be included in this newsletter. Also, information has been sent home! We greatly value your support by reading with your child and participating in the related activities. We thank our PTA for funding this dynamic Program! Thank you so very much PTA, for all you do for the students at RES! Speaking of thankfulness, our hearts are filled with gratitude for your participation and donations for our families in need during the holiday. Our Adopt-a-Family was a huge success! Your generosity made it possible for our families in need to enjoy the spirit of gift giving and receiving. Our staff was very generous too and I greatly appreciate all they do for our RES families! Every day, not only do they provide an outstanding education for our students, they do so much more to support the wellbeing of all their students. I look forward to a great year in 2017 with all our Remington families! We appreciate each and every one of you. Together, our staff and our RES families are all dedicated to the success of all our learners! I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

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  • Art, Jan. 2017

    Welcome back Remington! As students return from break, we will be finishing up several long-term projects that are linked to students’ CKLA social studies units. Kindergarten created Native American pottery and Navajo weavings as they learned about Native American art and culture and watched a video of how our First Nations lived. We read A Totem Tale and The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush as we discussed folktales and fiction writing. First grade is finishing up their Giving Tree illustrations as we talked about CKLA’s “Different Lands, Similar Stories” and how cultures all over the world have similar lessons and morals to tell. These are two-dimensional paintings with three-dimensional fall leaves using secondary colors they mixed themselves. Second grade is integrating with CKLA’s Greece and Rome as we create Grecian urns out of oil pastel and construction paper and then paper mache! Third grade traveled to Germany to learn about the origin and meaning of the Nutcracker during Christmas, and students are learning how to sketch and are learning about symmetry, proportion, and how to give the illusion of three-dimensions. These are life-size and will be stunning! Fourth grade’s unit follows the CKLA unit on the “Middle Ages”. Students are learning about Gothic Cathedrals, the innovations in art during the Middle Ages, and especially about stained glass and how it was created. Students are using radial symmetry, pattern, and floral designs to create their own stained glass window with acrylic on clear acetate paper. They will also be creating a Gothic Cathedral façade out of clay using our new slab roller! So exciting! Fifth grade is in Egypt learning about the similarities in Ancient Civilizations as they compare and contrast the pyramids and glyphs of the Mayans and the Egyptians. Students are carving a cartouche, name tag in hieroglyphics onto wet drywall and antiquing it to look like old archeological fragments. They will also be using paper m

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  • Kindergarten Jan. 2017

    Welcome back! We hope you all had a restful and enjoyable break! We can't believe we're half way through kindergarten already! This is when everything starts to come together and the students really take off! Now that they know their letters and sounds, we are applying that knowledge to reading decodable stories and spelling words containing blends. In math, we'll finish up our study of measurement and move on to beginning the foundational skills for addition. And of course we're excited to welcome Humphrey to Remington and we look forward to reading about his adventures together!

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  • First Grade, Jan. 2017

    We hope that everyone had a safe and wonderful winter break! We are excited to be back at school. Academics for this month: CKLA Literacy: Students will continue to focus on reading fluency and continuing to answer comprehension questions in complete sentences both orally and written. They are also working on describing the characters, settings, things, events, actions, scenes or facts from fiction text that has been read. They will be working on contractions. Domain: Our class will continue to learn about the Maya, Aztec, and Inca civilizations and the gradual development of cities, government and religion. They will learn about the Ancient Mayan city of Baakal and about the Mayan king, Pakal ll. They will also learn about Moctezuma, the Aztec rules, and the Aztec city of Tenachtitlan. They will hear about the city of Machu Picchu and the role that the Inca runners played in the Incan society. Math: Students will continue to work on ordering and comparing length measurements as numbers in our math module 3. Writing: Our classes are continuing to work on writing complete sentences with correct punctuation and writing within the line. They are also continuing to learn about writing conventions.

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  • Second Grade, Jan. 2017

    The 2nd grade teachers are very excited to begin the third quarter of the school year! In Language Arts and Science, students will be learning about cycles in nature. We will study both plant and animal life cycles, what makes daytime and nighttime, as well as the reasons for the four seasons. Please continue practicing addition and subtraction facts at home, as we are going to be working on double digit subtraction with regrouping. It is extremely important for students to be fluent in their math facts at this point in the school year, in order to be successful in class!

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  • Third Grade, Jan. 2017

    January is finally here and third grade is warming up and learning about Rome and the Roman Empire. We will be expressing ourselves through opinion writing and focusing our daily reading on The World According to Humphrey by Betty C. Birney. In math we will be continuing to hone our multiplication and division skills using strategies such as base 10 and the distributive property. We will also begin using area and perimeter modeling to solve problems. Social Studies will allow the students to learn about the five regions of the U.S.A. and we are all looking forward to building robots in science.

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  • Fourth Grade, Jan. 2017

    Fourth grade will be moving away from studying the Islamic Empire and moving into our Eureka: Student Inventors unit in English language arts. The focus will be on team work, cooperation, imagination and it's centered around a game show theme with some very famous inventors as hosts. Its looks to be fun, challenging, and competitive. In math, students will be focusing on geography and then moving on to fractions. The fossil unit in science always proves to be exciting for students and teachers. And in social studies, continuing on with exploration of the Colorado territory, we will focus on some important results of the fur trade.

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  • Fifth Grade, Jan. 2017

    Following a well-appreciated (and necessary) break, 5th grade is ready to start the New Year! In language arts we are continuing our study of the contemporary fiction genre. Students are reading and writing with details, description, figurative language, with an emphasis on point-of-view. In math, they are starting their fractions unit, woo hoo! A fun time for all. :) The science focus over the next few weeks will be in the area of life science, and in social studies our little historians will be determining the possible cause of the Salem Witch Trial Hysteria of 1692. Needless-to-say 5th graders have a busy month ahead of them!

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